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Pete Mitchell; Chief Marketing Mercenary & Author: What Everybody Ought To Know About Facebook Advertising

"Ed is one of the consultants I personally trained. He works with the highest degree of integrity while getting results for his clients. If you're looking to crush your profit growth problems and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams, Ed should be your go to consultant!”

Jay Lee; Chief Marketing Evangelist, Radical Business Growth

"Ed Choy is your guy! He has used proven marketing strategies and his effective leadership and business skills will help you Crush It in your business! He is a team player and his passion is to help you succeed. I highly recommend Ed. Get him if he’s still available!"

A. David Griffin; founder and Chief Marketing Maverick, Lowcountry Pioneer Solutions

"Ed’s clients are very fortunate and I'm sure will declare his professionalism and highly developed skills at creating massive profits for their businesses."

Travis Sinks; Elite Business Growth Solutions

"Ed Choy is a passionate and thorough consultant who’s chief aim is to ‘CRUSH-IT’ with his clients. If you’re a business owner who wants to truly see your business thrive, then you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to work with him."
Meet Ed Choy...
“Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice and discipline.”
~Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

Ed Choy is fiercely committed to helping small and medium sized businesses unleash their full potential and experience significant growth without spending a fortune. Ed loves working with leaders who want to succeed and grow a business or organization and that crushes the competition.

If you are looking for a proven professional to guide you in identifying a larger target market, gain new customers, strengthen your existing customer base, and grow your profits, then Ed and his associates are right for you. They implement proven strategies that have helped businesses in numerous industries of various sizes to begin realizing their profit potential. You can increase your profits, too!
If you are a business owner that is serious about unleashing your profit potential, then continue the conversation with Ed by scheduling a strategy session.